2013 Brijlal Open

CM Manoj Kumar snatched the Brijlal Open Title from CM Calvin Prasad in a tie-break that went through 2 x 15 minute rapids and 3 x 5 minute blitz rounds. Both players were tied at 4.5 out of 5, and in the final round CM Calvin lost on time by a bare 2 seconds. Goru Arvind finished 3rd with 3 points.

The Intermediate division was won by sibblings Ronald Terubea, Keez Terubea and Kabrina Terubea who top scored against all their opponents. In a very identical manner, sibblings Kelvyn Prasad and Jeryka Prasad held the top 2 positions in the Secondary School’s category. Young Menash Fareed and Jacquiline Masilomani won the top positions in the Primary School’s category.

President Dr. Virgilio De Asa mentioned that tournament turnout was boosted by new players from the Sunday Chess Clinics which resume from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM at Nasese Medical Center on March 24.