2013 Mohammed Badshah Memorial

CM Calvin Prasad warded off a fiery challenge from CM Manoj Kumar in a nail-biting final match that stretched for 5 hours. He top scored with a flawless 5/5 to win the Mohammed Badshah Memorial Open. Goru Arvind finished in 2nd position with 4/5, while Ronald Terubea secured the 3rd position at 3.5/5 by upsetting CM Manoj Kumar in round 2.

CM Manoj Kumar and Noel Adricula finished at 4th and 5th respectively as they tallied 3/5 in a very competitive arena. “With Ronald Terubea upsetting Manoj Kumar, I knew that I had to take all opponents seriously,” mentions CM Calvin Prasad. “Players like Hilda Vukikomoala, Keez Terubea, Gloria Sukhu and Kabrina Terubea are showing rapid improvement with time.”

The Intermediate division was convincingly won by Wati Kado with 4.5/5 as she upset veteran Krishneel Nair in a checkmate that caught her opponent in surprise. Finishing 2nd, Krishneel Nair admitted that he underestimated the young teenager and she deserved the win. “Wati Kado’s win proves that chess is a game where children should not feel intimidated by adults,” states Junior Development Coach Gloria Sukhu. “If a child is determined and makes the correct logical moves, then he or she can overcome experienced grown ups with ease.”

President Dr. De Asa congratulated all the winners and hoped that this tournament gave much needed exposure to Oceania Zonal Championship debutants like Menash Fareed, Vinooda Seniwaratane and Claudia Koroi. Australia based National Champion Dr. Sanmogam Goundar generously sponsored $ 1,500 FJD for the tournament which became a grand prequel to the upcoming Zonal on May 4 to 11.