2013 Rajnesh Parmeshwar Memorial

CM Manoj Kumar won the Rajnesh Parmeshwar Memorial Open with 5.5/7 after CM Ronald Terubea upset top seed CM Calvin Prasad in the final round. Calvin and Ronald finished 2nd and 3rd respectively, while CM Noel Adricula came 4th with 4.5/7.

It was a tough tournament to predict since everyone in the elite division produced competitive results.

Jun Clomera became the only person after Dr. Neel Arora to defeat Manoj Kumar and then draw with Calvin Prasad in the same tournament.

Calvin Prasad also had a draw with Goru Arvind in his 5th round. Noel Adricula managed a win against Jun Clomera in the final round. Keez Terubea, who was defeated by WFM Hilda Vukikomoala managed to surprise Noel Adricula with a forced draw. Hence, the winner could not be predicted until the very last round.

The surprise package of the tournament was newcomer Aarti Sewak who won all her games in the Female Division by defeating the likes of WCM Gloria Sukhu, Jeryka Prasad, Jacquiline Masilomani, Sugandha Goswami, Claudia Koroi and Amy Bale.

The tournament was proudly sponsored by Australia based Dinesh Parmeshwar ($ 1000 cash and 10 trophies) and New Zealand based Asheesh Gautam ($ 700 cash). The Fiji Chess Federation would like to thank the support of all its sponsors since this was one of the best tournaments of the year.