2014 FMF Under-20 National Championship

14-year old Menash Fareed became the youngest person to win the National Under-20 Chess Championship which was held at the Level 4 Tappoo City Conference Room with 5.5/6.

“This is a special tournament since it partners Fiji Chess Federation, Flour Mills of Fiji (FMF) and Tappoo City,” states Acting President Calvin Prasad. “Menash was losing against players like Nahapetyan Gor and William Bennion at one stage but he managed to pull through due to experience and superior skill.”

William Yee came 2nd with 4.5/6 while debutant William Bennion finished with 3/6 in a competitive field. Rudr Prasad won the Under-18 Division with 4.5/6 over Jun Seok Yun who had 3/6.

“I am very happy to see players as young as 8-year old Tanvi Prasad trying to play competitive chess for the first time,” reports Junior Development Officer Gloria Sukhu. “In time to come, we hope to develop these young minds into seasoned players that match the best of Fiji like little Menash does.”

Armenian dynamite Nahapetyan Gor won the Under-16 Division with 3/6 over Mahir Prasad by just 1/2 a point while Semisi Vukikomoala won the Under-14 Division with 3/6.

The tournament attracted a host of young players despite ongoing school holidays and a total of $ 250 in cash prizes were distributed to winners.