2014 National Tappoo City Blitz

Young Candidate Master (CM) Ronald Terubea won the 3rd Tappoo City sponsored National Blitz Chess Championship in dramatic fashion after a three-way tie with CM Calvin Prasad and CM Manoj Kumar where all players had 13.5/16. However, Ronald Terubea reigned supreme since he defeated the duo in earlier rounds. CM Goru Arvind and Tianata Terubea finished 4th and 5th respectively with 12/16.

The tournament was a grand success in the sense that it had a record number of almost 40 players which allowed 16 rapid rounds to be played. President Dr. Virgilio De Asa was particularly impressed with the performance of younger players in the rapid event who managed to change the balance of the leadership table.

“Winner CM Ronald Terubea was upset by William Yee, CM Calvin Prasad was upset by James Zhang, CM Goru Arvind was upset by Menash Fareed and CM Manoj Kumar was upset by Tianata Terubea,” mentioned Dr. De Asa. “These upsets show that our junior players are now reaching a level where they can rattle some of the best in Fiji, which is excellent for the future.”

The Women’s Division was won by Aarti Sewak who scored 9.5/16 and defeated second placed WCM Gloria Sukhu who had the same number of wins and draws. Kabrina Terubea finished on 3rd place with 8/16.

Shivaan Sharma won the Primary School Division with 8.5/16 while Vinooda Senewiratane came second with 8/16. In the Secondary School Division, James Zhang won with 9.5/16 over William Yee who had the same score but was defeated by James Zhang in one of his rounds.

Sponsors Tappoo City provided 7 Shopping Vouchers totalling $ 700, 4 Billabong Schoolbags and 20 consolation prizes to commemorate the biggest Blitz championship ever.

The tournament was followed by the Annual General Meeting where officials were re-elected as Dr. Virgilio De Asa for President, Gloria Sukhu and Calvin Prasad for Vice-President, Manoj Kumar for Treasurer, Goru Arvind for General Secretary, Teliko Koroi for Assistant General Secretary while Menaka Fareed, CM Noel Adricula, Aarti Sewak and Dr. Rachna Ram are part of the Executive Committee.

Celebrations ended on a high note with Dr. De Asa issuing the following awards and certificates:

2013 Junior Player of the Year – was won by CM Ronald Terubea for scoring 5/9 in the Oceania Zonal Chess Championship to get his Candidate Master title and finishing 2nd in the National Chess Championship with 5.5/8. He had earlier won the award in 2011.

2013 Most Improved Player – was won by Keez Terubea for winning the FMF Under-20 National Chess Championship and showing improved performance in the National Chess Championship where he defeated CM Manoj Kumar in a critical match.

2013 Player of the Year – was won by CM Calvin Prasad for winning the National Chess Championship, the Grand Prix Event and scoring 4/9 in the 10th Malaysian Chess Festival. He had earlier won the award in 2011.

Certificates and Badges from the World Chess Federation (FIDE):

Women’s FIDE Master (WFM) – Hilda Vukikomoala

Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) – Gloria Sukhu

Candidate Master (CM) – Ronald Terubea, Goru Arvind and Noel Adricula

International Arbiter (IA) – Dr. Jashint Maharaj

The Fiji Chess Federation looks forward to another great year in 2014 after receiving a record number of accolades in the previous year. A record number of 5 Sports Award Nominations were submitted to FASANOC for the awards ceremony on 21 February 2014 for Male Athlete of the Year (CM Calvin Prasad), Female Athlete of the Year (WFM Hilda Vukikomoala), Young Male Athlete of the Year (Menash Fareed), Administrator of the Year (IO Dr. Virgilio De Asa) and Sports Organization of the Year (FCF).