2015 TappooCity National Blitz Open Chess

Candidate Master (CM) Calvin Prasad surfaced as the winner with 10/12 despite a  loss to Tianata Terubea in a very competitive field. CM Manoj Kumar came 2nd with the same score after a loss to CM Calvin.

Tianata Terubea, CM Noel Adricula and CM Goru Arvind scored 8/12 to finish 3rd, 4th and 5th overall.

“The tournament attracted a significant amount of youngsters along with some new faces,” states Junior Development Officer Gloria Sukhu. “5 winners were awarded with TappooCity shopping vouchers in the Elite, Women’s, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools categories, and 50 consolation prizes were distributed. Everyone walked home with a smile, thanks to our sponsors.”

Rudr Prasad won the Primary School division with 6/12 over Meshan Fareed and Austin Koroi who had 5/12. In the Secondary School division, Zen Borg convincingly won with 9/12 while Menash Fareed finished 2nd with 7.5/12. James Zhang and Russell Taloga were closely behind in 3rd and 4th with 7/12.

Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) Gloria Sukhu reigned supreme in the Female division with 6/12 since she defeated Claudya Koroi, Kabrina Terubea and Jeryka Prasad who all had the same score and shared the 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions.

The tournament was followed by the 36th Annual General Meeting (AGM) which saw Calvin Prasad being elected as new President.

“I am pleased to see that most office bearers from 2014 have been re-elected,” states General Secretary Goru Arvind. “We have also added new members like Dr. Anirudh Singh, Simon Yuen, Ravikesh Prasad and Asheel Singh to boost our Executive Committee. Their experience will help us to develop chess in Fiji at a new level.”

The AGM closed with special awards being handed to CM Calvin Prasad for 2014 Player of the Year, 16-year old Kabrina Terubea for Junior Player of the Year and Zen Borg for Most Improved Player of the Year.