2015 Brijlal Open Chess

Candidate Master (CM) Manoj Kumar snatched the Brijlal Chess Open title with a flawless 7/7 against fellow Olympiad rep Taione Sikivou who had 5.5/7. CM Noel Adricula finished 3rd with 5/7 in a very tight field.

The Intermediate Division was won by Prashil Prakash who had 5.5/7, followed by Tianata Terubea at 5/7.

“It’s been a fine tournament,” states General Secretary Goru Arvind. “Sponsors Brijlal threw in a range of prizes like tool-kits, blue-tooth, knife sets, alarm clocks, cellular phones and even a microwave to turn this into a big event. Excitement and zeal among young players like Russell Talonga, Zen Borg, Menash Fareed and Tianata Terubea was outstanding, we hope to see them representing Fiji one day.”

Zen Borg topped the Secondary School’s Division with 5/7 ahead of Kelvyn Prasad who scored 4/7, while the Primary School’s Division was won by sibblings Rudr Prasad and Tanvi Prasad who had 4/7 each.

 “This is a welcome result to start the year for me,” says Kumar after the win. “2015 is an interesting year since we are planning to send National Champion CM Calvin Prasad, Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) Gloria Sukhu, Taione Sikivou and Sugandha Goswami to the Oceania Zonal at Australia later on. International exposure is also on the cards for our younger players.”

Menash Fareed and James Zhang dominated the Under-19 (Junior) Division with 5/7 each, while the Women’s Division was won by Claudia Koroi with 4/7 and WCM Gloria Sukhu finished second with the same score.