2015 National Sports Day Blitz

Candidate Master (CM) Calvin Prasad clinched the first National Sports Day Blitz Championship title with 8 wins and a draw with William Bennion. He remained unbeaten at 8.5/9 while CM Goru Arvind finished 2nd with 8/9. CM Noel Adricula was 3rd with 6.5/9.

“Calvin’s form has been promising for almost 24 months now,” informs Deputy Arbiter Gaurav Raicar. “He has won 2 back to back National Championships and is currently doing well in all formats of the game. His win is a good sign before Team Fiji leaves for the 2015 Oceania Zonal Championship in Sydney from July 3-8.”

Apart from CM Calvin Prasad, Fiji will be represented at the Zonal by Australia-based CM Sanmogam Goundar, CM Noel Adricula, Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) Gloria Sukhu, Under-20 National Champion Tianata Terubea and Sugandha Goswami.

William Bennion comfortably won the Junior Category with 5.5/9 after he forced a draw with CM Calvin Prasad in his opening match. He was followed by Russell Talonga and Calvin Ong on 2nd with 4.5/9, and Mayur Prasad settled for 4th place with 4/9.

The Fiji Chess Federation sponsored Blitz event was held after the Executive Committee and members unanimously adopted a new constitution to match existing World Chess Federation (FIDE) Regulations.

“The Federation’s constitution had been stagnant since it was first adopted in 1980,” states President Calvin Prasad. “A lot of things have changed since then, and it is only necessary that we amend our operations in accordance to what is internationally accepted. We saw no other better day to do it than on National Sports Day.”

The next local tournament will be the Courts Fiji Rapid Open on July 19.