2015 National Team’s Championship

Candidate Masters (CM) Manoj Kumar and CM Goru Arvind won the National Team’s Chess Championship for the second time in a row by winning all 5 of their games. The duo fielded a team called Broken Bishops which was a player short.

“This is the final rapid event of the year,” informs Deputy Arbiter Gaurav Raicar. “Everyone is looking forward to the National Open Chess Championship at FASANOC Olympic House from November 28 to December 2, since it will be played under internationally accredited time controls.”

Chess Mates, which consisted of 17-year old Women’s National Champion Cydel Kabrina Terubea, Prashil Prakash and Ravikesh Prasad finished 2nd with 4 wins. Filipino expatriates Jose Celiz and CM Noel Adricula, who fielded a team called Pinoy Rooks that was also one player short came 3rd with 2 wins.

“Fiji Chess Federation would like to extend it’s gratitude to TappooCity for hosting all tournaments for free since our partnership began in January 2012,” remarks National Champion CM Calvin Prasad. “A total of $ 300 cash was awarded to the winning teams on behalf of the Federation.”

The Under-20 (Junior) Chess Team’s Title went to Yat Sen Secondary School’s Silver State Warriors which consisted of Russell Talonga, Menash Fareed and Philip Leong with 2 wins.

In the Primary School Division, Deenbandhoo Memorial Primary School’s DMS Knights reigned supreme with 2 wins. The team consisted of Rudr Prasad, Agra Navaratne and Alanis Reyna.

The tournament also had individual board prizes which were awarded to CM Manoj Kumar for Board 1, CM Goru Arvind for Board 2 and Ravikesh Prasad for Board 3 whereby all of them had 5/5.