2015 Rajnesh Parmeshwar Memorial Open

Candidate Master (CM) Manoj Kumar slipped past a 4-way tie with CM Goru Arvind, CM Calvin Prasad and CM Ronald Terubea to clinch the Rajnesh Parmeshwar Memorial Rapid Open with 4/5. All 4 players dropped a game each against one of the others to create a thrilling finish.

“It was one of the most competitive tournaments in recent times,” reports Deputy Arbiter Gaurav Raicar. “At the end of 5 rounds, we had 4 leaders on the board in the form of Manoj, Goru, Calvin and Ronald and it came down to a tie-break system to decide their final positions.”

CM Goru Arvind edged CM Calvin Prasad for 2nd place in the Elite Division’s Open Category, while CM Ronald Terubea finished 4th.

Under-20 National Champion Tianata Terubea continued his winning form by top-scoring in the Elite Division’s Junior Category with 3/5. He will be representing Fiji in the 2015 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship alongside CM Calvin Prasad, Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) Gloria Sukhu, Sugandha Goswami and CM Noel Adricula from July 3-8.

Women’s National Champion Cydel Kabrina Terubea won the Elite Division’s Women Category with 2/5 while Sugandha Goswami topped the Intermediate Division’s Women Category with 3/5.

“It was a fine turnout with new players like Jose Celiz from Philippines adding to the mix,” adds General Secretary Goru Arvind. “Dinesh Parmeshwar provided a total of 9 trophies and FJD $ 1000 cash in memorial of his late brother. This was allocated as 13 Intermediate prizes and 8 Elite prizes. Almost 40 participants walked home with certificates of participation.”

In other results, young William Bennion won the Intermediate Division’s Open Category with a flawless 5/5 ahead of Fesaitu Mataika who had 4/5. Alexander Maelasi topped the Intermediate Division’s Junior Category with 4/5 while Samuel Mataika came 2nd with 3/5.

In the School’s Categories, Mahir Prasad won the Primary School Division with 3/5 and Kelvyn Prasad topped the Secondary School Division with 4/5.

The Fiji Chess Federation will be hosting a special 5-minute Blitz Chess Championship at FASANOC Olympic House from 10:00 AM on June 27, 2015.