2016 Brijlal Open Chess

Candidate Master (CM) Ronald Terubea won the Brijlal Open Chess Championship after stunning top seed CM Manoj Kumar in a thrilling encounter to finish with 4.5/5.

CM Ronald Terubea toppled CM Manoj Kumar Taione Sikivou in the third and fourth rounds respectively. He obtained an easy draw with Oscar Elosen in the last round to complete an impressive outing.

Taione Sikivou, hot on the heels of his tournament win from the previous week, settled for 2nd place with 4/5. Kumar came in 3rd with 4/5.

In the Intermediate category, Yat Sen student Vinooda Senewiratne clinched first place with an unbeaten 4.5/5. Phillip Leong was second with 4/5 and newcomer Sandeep Kumar third with 4/5.

Fiji Chess President, Calvin Prasad was impressed with the high level of competition. “We have had two new winners in as many tournaments, with the veterans under serious pressure from the younger players,” said Prasad.

More than 30 players participated in the tournament.

“The trend over the past few years is that the majority participants in our competitions are Juniors (Under-20). They bring a fresh approach to tournament play, and display tremendous energy in the matches overall,”

CM Calvin Prasad thanked sponsors Brijlal for their support over the past 20 years.