2016 Kundan Singh Open Chess

Ex-Olympiad rep Taione Sikivou won the Kundan Singh Open Chess Championship after he slipped past Candidate Master (CM) Ronald Terubea and Oscar Eloson in a tie-break since all of them had 4/5.

CM Ronald Terubea and Oscar Eloson finished 2nd and 3rd in the Elite Division. All three players performed exceptionally well in the tournament, and it was promising to see such tight competition early in the year.

“It was a very competitive event since top seed CM Manoj Kumar was toppled by Taione Sikivou, Oscar Eloson and CM Noel Adricula in a rare display of magical chess,” reports Deputy Arbiter Gaurav Raicar. “The tournament leader changed on at least 3 occasions, and it was difficult task to predict the winner in the end.”

In the Intermediate Division, debutante Rameka Thomas surprised everyone with a perfect score of 5/5. He was followed by another first-timer, Mohr Jordan David at 4/5 in 2nd place while Ravikesh Prasad finished 3rd with the same score.

Fiji Chess Federation is thankful to Kundan Singh Supermarket for providing a total of $ 300.00 in cash prizes for the event.

The next tournament, Brijlal Open Chess Championship, is scheduled to start from 08:30 AM at the FASANOC Olympic House in Suva on Sunday 20 March, 2016.