2016 Rajnesh Parmeshwar Memorial

Candidate Master (CM) Ronald Terubea slipped past CM Calvin Prasad and CM Manoj Kumar via tie-break after the trio were locked at 4/5. Each of the leaders dropped a point each due to intensity of competition in the Rajnesh Parmeshwar Memorial Open Chess Championship. Prasad and Kumar were 2nd and 3rd overall.

“Players like CM Noel Adricula and Oscar Eloson managed to trouble the top 3 favorites to the extent that no one could achieve a perfect score,” reports Deputy Arbiter Gaurav Raicar. “There was no clear winner after 5 rounds, so we had to resort to a tie-break system under World Chess Federation (FIDE) rules which gave the edge to CM Ronald Terubea.”

The Intermediate Division was won by USP Student Zen Borg who amassed 3/5. He was followed by Mohr Jordan David and Semisi Vukikomoala who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Yat Sen Secondary’s Russell Talonga won the Best Secondary School Prize with 3.5/5, while Rudr Prasad of Deenbandhoo Memorial Primary School dominated his category with 2.5/5.

The Women’s Division was equally competitive since Women’s FIDE Master (WFM) Hilda Vukikomoala, Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) Gloria Sukhu and Kabrina Terubea were all tied for the top position at 3/5 and had to settle for a tie-break victory in end.

Newcomer Shekar Balram impressed tournament organizers with his efforts in the high profile event, and he was awarded the Best Beginner’s Prize.

All winners shared a total of $ 1000 in cash with specially engraved trophies from Australia-based Dinesh Parmeshwar who has been sponsoring the event in memorial of his late younger brother Rajnesh Parmeshwar who is a former Fiji rep that was lost in a tragic car accident in 2002.