2016 TappooCity National Blitz Chess Championship

Candidate Master (CM) Noel Adricula upset defending champion CM Calvin Prasad and rattled the leadership board at the 5th TappooCity National Blitz Championship. The event was won by CM Manoj Kumar who amassed 8/9.

Manoj Kumar was held to a draw by Calvin Prasad but he managed to win the tournament after Prasad fell to Adricula in a close encounter. In the Elite Division, CM Calvin Prasad finished in 2nd place with 7.5/9, Tianata Terubea came 3rd with 7/9, CM Noel Adricula was 4th with 6/9 while CM Goru Arvind finished 5th with 4.5/9.

“The Federation is thankful to Tappoo Group of Companies for sponsoring 25 prizes valued at more than $ 1000,” informs Deputy Arbiter Gaurav Raicar. “Young players like Meshan Fareed and Rudr Prasad impressed in the event by defeating players who were much senior to them.”

Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) Gloria Sukhu won the Female Division with 6/9, while Kabrina Terubea finished 2nd with 4.5/9. Women’s FIDE Master (WFM) Hilda Vukikomoala and Tanvi Prasad came 3rd and 4th with a tied score of 4/9.

Russell Talonga reigned supreme in the Under-20 Division with 5.5/9 ahead of Menash Fareed, Rudr Prasad and Zen Borg who all had 5/9.

Mayur Prasad won the Secondary School’s Division by tie-break over Semisi Vukikomoala since both players had an equal score of 4/9. The Primary School’s Division was won by Meshan Fareed who also bagged the Best Upset Award for the tournament after he toppled Zen Borg in a witty endgame.

Fiji Chess Federation will be uploading the 2016 Tournament Calendar at their official website in due course, and the next event is expected to be held at the 3rd weekend of February.