2013 International Tournaments

Candidate Master (CM) Calvin Prasad had a respectable outing in the 10th Malaysian Chess Festival in August 2013 where he finished with a score of 4/9 despite having a start rank of 79 out of 120 players.

 “The overall experience in Malaysia was very good,” Prasad said in a statement. “The Chess Festival had some of the best players from the Asian region, and playing against such rivals is necessary if Fiji is to make a mark in International Chess.”

“Local chess players see Calvin as a huge inspiration,” Federation president Doctor Virgilio De Asa said. “His consistency has made other players like Jun Clomera, Noel Adricula, Ronald Terubea, Goru Arvind, Menash Fareed, Gloria Sukhu, Kabrina Terubea, Jacquelyn Masilomani, Hilda Vukikomoala and Keez Terubea step up their game and perform one level up in the past 1-2 years. Calvin had 3 wins and 2 draws from 9 games.”

Also, in December 2013, after the World Youth Chess Championship, 13-year old Menash Fareed became the youngest player to join Fiji’s Top 10 FIDE Rated players. He registered impressive wins in the tournament which was held at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the final 2 weeks of December.

“Menash Fareed is a sensation in the local chess fraternity at the moment,” reigning national champion CM Calvin Prasad said. “In UAE, he managed wins against Daniel Roos (Sweden), Mahesh Khadka (Nepal) and draws with Tinashe Mapfumo (Zimbabwe) and Srinjay Mukhopadhyay (Kenya) in the Under-14 category. This has earned him an official spot the current Top 10 of Fiji, even ahead of Under-20 National Champion Keez Terubea.”

Ex-Olympiad representative Kabrina Terubea, who competed in the Under-16 female category won against Sanjana Deshpande (KEN) and drew with Cynthia Nyashanu (ZIM).

“The surprise package of the World Youth Chess Championship was Meshan Fareed, the younger brother of Menash Fareed who competed in the Under-8 category,” mentions General Secretary Goru Arvind. “While he had just learnt to move pieces a few months ago, he managed a win against Abduilah Mazin (SAU) and draws against Abdulaziz Al Faras (KWT), Tamim Al Hor (QAT) and Maj Toplisek (SVN). This shows that there is a lot of untapped talent in Fiji and we hope that more younger players join us when we have monthly tournaments and coaching sessions from February. These players have shown that age is no barrier to success.”