FIDE Titles

Fiji Chess Federation players and officials have received numerous titles over the years by FIDE. Players and administrators have received 15 titles including International Organizer (IO), International Arbiter (IA), FIDE Arbiter (FA), Women’s FIDE Master (WFM), Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) and Candidate Master (CM). As at June 2013, 11 out of 25 FIDE Rated players shared official WFM, WCM and CM titles, and 5 of these alongside an IA title were attained in 2013. Titles are earned for respectable performance in International Tournaments, Arbiteration and Administration.

A summary of all titles achieved is given below:

2005 – WFM Kieran Lyons: Australia-based Keiran Lyons, who played on board two for the Fiji Women’s team at the 36th Chess Olympiad in Spain (2004), was awarded the Women’s FIDE Master (WFM) title in January 2005. Lyons, 16, achieved the required 66% score to qualify for the title, and becomes the first and youngest Fiji player to be awarded a FIDE title.

“She is part of the first Women’s team to represent Fiji and will definitely continue to improve her standard of play,” commented FCF President Dr. Virgilio De Asa.

Keiran Lyons continues to be a strong female player for Fijiand has now been elevated to Board 1 in Olympiads.

2006 – FA Jashint Maharaj: Fiji Chess Federation General Secretary Jashint Maharaj was awarded his FIDE Arbiter (FA) title by the FIDE Presidential Board at the first quarter meeting in Al Ain City, United Arab Emirates (13-14 April 2006).

Jashint Maharaj was an arbiter at the 2002 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship in Fiji, the inaugural Fiji Invitational Chess Championship in 2003, the 2005 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship in Auckland, New Zealand and the 2006 Queenstown Classic in Queenstown, New Zealand was extremely thrilled at the award and looked forward to arbiter major chess tournaments in the region.

“The achievement is exceptional as Jashint Maharaj is one of only 50 FIDE arbiters in the world. This is a first for the Pacific and for Fiji” mentions President Dr. Virgilio De Asa.

2006 – CM Calvin Prasad: Multiple-time National Champion Calvin Prasad became the first Candidate Master (CM) in the 37th Chess Olympiad at Turin, Italy with a score of 6.5/12.

Calvin Prasad has been one of the most valuable players forFiji as he also amassed 5.5/11 in the 2012 Chess Olympiad at Istanbul, Turkey while playing challenging opponents on Board 1. Calvin Prasad stands tall as a cool and tactical player that dominates local chess tournaments with patience rather than brute force.

He has also represented Fiji in the 36th Chess Olympiad atCalvia, Spain (2004) and the 2005 Oceania Zonal Chess Championships at Auckland, New Zealand.

2008 – CM Manoj Kumar: Multiple-time National Champion Manoj Kumar attained his Candidate Master (CM) title in the 38th Chess Olympiad at Dresden, Germany with a score of 3.5/7.

Manoj Kumar is undoubtedly one of the most aggressive chess players in Fiji, and he has won a huge number of local tournaments every year.

He represented Fiji in the 2000 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship in Brisbane, Australia; the 2002 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship in Sigatoka, Fiji; the 36th Chess Olympiad in Calvia, Spain (2004); the 37th Chess Olympiad inTurin, Italy (2006); the 2007 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship in Nadi, Fiji and the 38th Chess Olympiad inDresden, Germany (2008).

2008 – CM Virgilio De Asa (Junior): Past National Junior Champion, Dr. Virgilio De Asa Junior gained the Candidate Master (CM) due to a published FIDE Rating of 2205 attained at the 30th Chess Olympiad in Manilla, Phillippines (1992) where he scored 4/7. He has since retired from competitive chess.

2009 – FA Krishneel Nair: Achieved the FIDE Arbiter (FA) title after being Deputy Arbiter at the Sydney International Open and Sydney International Challengers in 2009. Krishneel Nair helped to arbiter local tournaments prior to achieving this title.

2009 –  CM Damien Norris: Achieved his Candidate Master (CM) title based on a published FIDE Rating of 2220 (April 2002) at the 31st Chess Olympiad in Moscow, Russia (1994) where he scored 10.5/14. This is the best performance by a Fiji player in any Olympiad.

2009 – CM Sanmogam Goundar: A pioneer and veteran for Fiji Chess, Dr. Sanmogam Goundar achieved his Candidate Master (CM) title in the Oceania Zonal Chess Championship at Gold Coast, Australia with a score of 4.5/9.

Sanmogam Goundar is continues to represent Fiji and participate in local/regional events. His recent accomplishment includes representation in the 2012 Chess Olympiad at Istanbul, Turkey.

2012 – IO Virgilio De Asa: FCF President Dr. Virgilio De Asa became the first person in Oceania to receive the FIDE International Organizer (IO) title outside Australia and New Zealand for dedicating over 3 decades to develop chess inFiji. He has also organized and effectively hosted 3 Oceania Zonal Chess Championships (2002 – Sigatoka, 2007 – Nadi, 2013 – Nadi) in Fiji. Dr. Virgilio De Asa continues to lead a fully fledged federation.

2013 – IA Jashint Maharaj: FA Dr. Jashint Maharaj attained his International Arbiter (IA) title at the 2nd quarter Presidential Board Meeting at Baku for his outstanding contribution as an arbiter. Shortly after confirmation of this title, Jashint Maharaj was the Chief Arbiter at the 2013 Oceania Open and Women’s Zonal Chess Championship at Nadi, Fiji.

2013 – WFM Hilda Vukikomoala: The 17-year old high school student became Fiji’s youngest titled player by meeting the standards of Women’s FIDE Master (WFM) at the Oceania Zonal Women’s Chess Championship at Nadi, Fiji with a score of 5/9. She is a young and upcoming female player with great potential for her future chess endeavours.

2013 – WCM Gloria Sukhu: The most experienced female player and Junior Development Coach Gloria Sukhu attained her Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) title at the Oceania Zonal Chess Women’s Championship at Nadi, Fiji with a score of 4/9. Gloria Sukhu is an enthusiastic player who is responsible for introducing many new chess players to the tournament arena.

2013 – CM Ronald Terubea: The 2012 National Junior Champion stamped his mark as a Candidate Master (CM) at the Oceania Zonal Open Chess Championship at Nadi, Fiji with a score of 5/9. Ronald Terubea is an aggressive player who is able to outmanoeuvre opponents brilliantly. He is a player with heaps of potential to represent Fiji abroad in the future.

2013 – CM Goru Arvind: The General Secretary of the Fiji Chess Federation and winner of the 2003 Fiji Games Open attained his Candidate Master (CM) title at the Oceania Zonal Open Chess Championship at Nadi, Fiji with a score of 4/9. Goru Arvind continues to play in local tournaments with great vigour and enthusiasm, and he is often an unpredictable opponent. He shows strength in defensive chess and has represented Fiji in the 40th Chess Olympiad at Istanbul, Turkey in 2012.

2013 – CM Noel Adricula: The persistent Noel Adricula achieved his Candidate Master (CM) title at the Oceania Zonal Open Chess Championship at Nadi, Fiji with a score of 4/9. Noel Adricula is an elusive player who finishes in top positions regularly in local tournaments, and is a contender for future representation of Fiji in overseas events.