Fiji Chess to launch coaching academy

The Fiji Chess Federation (“FCF”) will kick-off the Fiji Chess Academy next week.

Based in Suva, the Academy will provide coaching and training for new and developing chess players from July 1.
FCF Acting President Kiran Khatri said the Academy was a crucial element to growing chess as a sport in Fiji.

“The concept will have a direct impact on the popularity of chess in Fiji and develop stronger chess players,” said Khatri.

Khatri said the Academy aimed to provide a suitable environment that nurtured and advanced local chess talent.

“We encourage social interaction, friendly rivalries, competition, self-study and formal training amongst players that are at a similar level,” said Khatri.

Khatri said classes would be conducted by qualified and accredited trainers from Fiji and abroad.

“It is important that correct methods be used when coaching so that it builds a solid foundation for continuous and sustained growth,” said Khatri.

The Acting President said the Academy would identify junior chess players to represent Fiji.

“For Fiji to do well in international competitions, we have to invest a lot in our younger players and assist them in advancing their skills and techniques,” added Khatri.

Khatri said the program would be gradual and progressive, building on previous programs across the different levels.

Participants would be provided with equipment and workbooks and will earn the appropriate certification if they complete the program.

A typical class would be limited to 8-10 students to ensure a productive learning environment.

Interested schools, players, and parents can contact the FCF Secretariat on or send a message from the FCF Facebook page.