2013 Mohammed Badshah Memorial

CM Calvin Prasad warded off a fiery challenge from CM Manoj Kumar in a nail-biting final match that stretched for 5 hours. He top scored with a flawless 5/5 to win the Mohammed Badshah Memorial Open. Goru Arvind finished in 2nd position with 4/5, while Ronald Terubea secured the 3rd position at 3.5/5 by upsetting CM Manoj Kumar in round 2. Continue reading

2013 Brijlal Open

CM Manoj Kumar snatched the Brijlal Open Title from CM Calvin Prasad in a tie-break that went through 2 x 15 minute rapids and 3 x 5 minute blitz rounds. Both players were tied at 4.5 out of 5, and in the final round CM Calvin lost on time by a bare 2 seconds. Goru Arvind finished 3rd with 3 points. Continue reading

2013 Tappoo City Blitz Open

The 2nd Tappoo City Blitz Open was won by Goru Arvind after 11 rounds of 5 minute rapid-play. He won 10 games alongside top seed CM Manoj Kumar. However, Manoj Kumar received the 2nd prize since he lost barely to Goru Arvind in one of his rounds. Noel Adricula, who upset the overall winner in one of his games, finished at 3rd with 7.5 points. Continue reading