Extraordinary General Meeting

The notice for EGM scheduled for 23/11/2016 is hereby cancelled.  Nine members have since withdrawn their requisition for the EGM, hence the advice from the Federation’s lawyer is that it will not comply with Clause 4-5 of the Constitution.

An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held at 6.00pm on November 23, 2016, at Fiji Club in Suva.  Download: notice_for_egm_01_2016.

2016 Fiji Day Open

The 2016 Fiji Day Open Chess Championship will be held at Khatri Hall in Suva from 08:30 AM on Monday, 10 October 2016 to mark Fiji Day. Prize pool of $ 500.00 is available for various categories.

2016 Rajnesh Parmeshwar Memorial

Candidate Master (CM) Ronald Terubea slipped past CM Calvin Prasad and CM Manoj Kumar via tie-break after the trio were locked at 4/5. Each of the leaders dropped a point each due to intensity of competition in the Rajnesh Parmeshwar Memorial Open Chess Championship. Prasad and Kumar were 2nd and 3rd overall.

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