STATEMENT: FIDE Ethics Commission

The Fiji Chess Federation (FCF) today received notice of a complaint lodged against an FCF official with the FIDE (World Chess Federation) Ethics Commission (EC) over the 2016 chess Olympiad.

Sadly, it was alleged that the issues arising out of the Baku Olympiad had not been dealt with by FCF, when in fact, a final determination was made in June 2017.

A comprehensive review process had been conducted, and the resolutions were determined according to the principles of natural justice and provisions of the FCF Constitution.

The official was suspended, did not appeal, and has since served the suspension.  A recovery order was made against other persons for monies due to the FCF.

The decisions were circulated to FASANOC and the Fiji National Sports Commission as the complainants had involved these parties prematurely.

The EC rightfully noted that FIDE recognised the autonomy of FCF to govern and manage chess affairs in Fiji and such matters usually excluded FIDE and the EC.

FCF lawyers will formally respond to the EC and ask for the case to be dismissed immediately, similar to cases 04/2014 and 01/2015 involving other national federations.

Meanwhile, half of the 2016 team members have applied for selection in the 2018 Olympiad squad.  Three players from other Olympiad teams have also applied, along with numerous local players.

This signals the genuine intention of Fijian chess players to put their differences aside and work together for the betterment of Fiji chess.

The three complainants are welcome to apply for selection using the usual process.  Applications close on January 31st, and they are assured of a fair and transparent selection process similar to that used in 2014 and 2016.

No chess player has ever been barred from participating in an FCF tournament.   The complainants are urged to join their peers in FCF’s FIDE-rated chess competitions to strengthen their chance of selection in the Olympiad team.

Authorised By

Mr Kiran Khatri
Chair – 42nd Olympiad Review Committee
Treasurer – Fiji Chess Federation